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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

HUGE 75 cm Shabby Feather Holiday Christmas Peacock Green Glitter Bird Ornament

$34.99 $44.99


~Fabulous 30 Inches / 75cm Chic Peacock Glitter Bird~


1 Peacock Glitter Bird Ornament


I have never seen another beauty like Mr Tickler! He is approximately

30 Inches in length from head to end of tail feather ...... What an amazing bird!


Clip base ready to attach to your favorite Wreath, Christmas Tree or Garland!


Glitter Bodies with rich colors of Blue Green Teal Feathers, trimmed with feathers and an incredible Peacock Eye Tail Feather


If you are looking for collectable tree ornaments that say "Oh Wow" then this is one piece you need to add to your tree


Pictures do not do this bird any justice!


The 60cm stunning tail feathers have a wire centre and can be curled around in any direction you like


By the nature of been handcrafted, no two will be alike and may look a little different as pictured


Feathers that have been dyed will have different variations in color as the dye may not take in each feather strand which is normal





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