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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Fresh Scent Spring Time Yellow & Green Display Wreath French Vintage Chic


Yummy Lemon and Soft Green Feather Wreath


Inspired by times of era, this handmade white wreath is 1 from the collection of 11


Each one is unique!


These wreaths have been made to display all year round. They are to glamourous to hide in a cupboard I have been collecting pieces for 3 to make these amazing wreaths. Some of the pieces are new, other pieces are used and others are vintage. Please note the used and vintage items may be missing something due to age and use, giving these wreaths patina and character. These adornments have been collected all over the world, some have been shipped from the US, others were collected in Australia

These wreaths have so much detail that it is hard to capture the beauty with photos and words


Each wreath measures approximately 45cm x 45 cm


Green rock crystal sprays and lemon birds with green feather tails

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Lemon yellow butterfly and green glitter hummingbirds




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To die for yellow roses and soft pink floral

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A devine vintage angel decoration, sits at the top of wreath adoringly


Just so magestic, I could look at this wreath forever!


The base of the wreath boasts of a pair of green sparkle glitter birds with long plush tail feathers!

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