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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Bella Chic French Lace Velvet Queen /King Bed Quilt Grey Silver Bedspread

$179.95 $275.00

~Victorian Velvet & Lace Bedspread for a Queen or King Bed~

 1 Bella Queen or King Size Quilt / Bedspread / Coverlet

Perfect for a Queen Bed and Generous Enough it is larger than King Size Quilts!

Measuring 110" x 92" (280cm wide x 234 cm length)

Any other pieces pictured are for photo display only and are not included in this listing

Please note that depending on the lighting these bedspreads can vary in tones, the lighter the bedroom the lighter the bedding will look. Keep in mind velvet fabrics reflect light in different ways depending on the way the velvet is sitting as you can see in these pictures

Sometimes this bedspread looks pewter grey towards the floor where there is little light and up near the window it looks like a soft silver.... truly gorgeous!

These Bedspreads are so Vintage Paris Chic!

The bedspreads are hand made and may slightly vary in appearance

Gorgeous Lace Netting with Embroidered Velvet Satin Motifs and Velvet Edging

Sheer light weight bedspreads

I have dreamy visions of this bedding in a french country farm home or in a Victorian Coastal Home on a white or black old iron bed

Absolutely Stunning 16cm Velvet Bordered Edge

This is the perfect bedding to create your vintage style shabby romantic charm, have you seen anything prettier than this?

We also may have the Silver Grey and Lilac Lavender available as pictured below, but only while stocks last!


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