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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Ombre Shabby French Chic Ruffled Ombre Yellow Orange Pink Ruffle Bath Shower Curtain

$99.95 $129.95

Flamenco Ruffles Shower Curtain

 Measuring 72" x 72" (183 cm x 183cm)

 The Ultimate Style in Bathrooms!

This shower curtain is full of lush and dreamy ruffles crafted from fine quality 100% Cotton Voile. Does not include plastic liner

Ombre ruffles cascade like the festive rustle of a Spanish dancer's skirt

The dramatic ruffles on this tonal yellow, orange and pink shower curtain will make your bathroom feel like a dreamy escape.

The gradual color shift mirrors to the look of an amazing sunset! You can add some pretty shells in a large glass vase or a dreamy coastal painting to your room

 Layers and layers of dream soft Sunshine yellow flowing to warm orange through to hot pink!

Truly the prettiest elegant curtain, you may just lay your eyes on,

cascading ruffled layers..... just perfect for a shabby chic romantic home.

100% Luxurious Medium Weight Cotton

Hand Wash


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