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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Cottage Roses Ocean Aqua Green Chic Single Bed Quilt Cover Doona Duvet


100% Cotton Duvet / Quilt Cover (Doona Cover European Countries)

 1 Single Duvet Cover

 300 Thread Count

 Package will state Twin as these have been imported from the USA which is a Single in European Countries

 This Fresh Oceanic Duvet has such pristine appeal reminds me of the the White Vintage Architecture of the Greek Isles on the Ocean Shore!

 Rambling Seafoam Green Cottage Roses with a tones of Aqua Green and Teal Blue on Pure Snow White Cotton Fabric

 This Collection is absolutely breathtaking!

 When studying this collection some friends stopped by. They were really taken aback when they saw this collection that I was currently working with... by the freshness and bold oceanic green blue tones!

 Many discussions were held about how to describe the inspiration felt with this duvet by another close friend.....Thanks! :)

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