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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby French Country Provincial Beaded Mantle Table Silver Velvet Runner Chic

$24.95 $29.95

~Shabby French Chic Beaded Organza Runner~

An amazing 13cm beaded finish on either side, measuring a total length of 160cm x 17cm

These are perfect as chair slipcover ties, just finish the bow at the back of the chair and let the beading hang!

Also perfect for a wedding! The fringed beading is made up of blue, pale pink, amber and crystal faceted crystals joined with haematite metallic beads

The beading is quite stunning!

So versatile they can be used on a mantle, table, sideboard or as a tie on a chair you can even use these scarves as day or night wear around your neck

I displayed mine on my catholic altar as shown below

We may also have other colors available for separate purchase as shown below only while stocks last!

This is the perfect decor to create your vintage style shabby romantic charm!

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