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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Candy Land Chic Fairy Floss Giant Christmas Red Christmas Santa's Boot Stocking


~ ~Huge Candy Land Fairy Floss Red Sparkle Boot or Stocking~~

~Very Chic ~

~Brand New~

Any other pieces pictured are for photo display only and are not included in this listing

Wow the top of the boot is decorated with green fairy floss fluff, topped with bright colored candy

Measures 42cm wide x 43 cm high

At the tip of the Boot is the cutest green and white striped Xmas Ball!

These are very roomy inside .... would make a fabulous Xmas Stocking!

The opening of the top of the boot is 19cm x 19cm wide

What a great talking piece, this is certainly going to grab your visitors attention

As you can see in the pictures they certainly catch your eye. That is what makes these so special to use for decorating. Perfect to place on a mantle, buffet or as a centerpiece for your table, such romantic charm

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