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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Vintage Rag Frill Satin Bed Sofa Throw Quilt French Country Microfibre Blanket


Vintage Grey Brown Throw Quilt

Rag Fringe

Any other pieces pictured are for photo display only and are not included in this listing

Throw Quilt measures 150 x 200cm

59 x 78 inches

This is one of the prettiest throw quilts I have ever seen

The colour is called Latte, depending on the light and what tones this is throw quilt is near sometimes I see brown other times I see grey..... so very pretty!

Beautiful quilted microfibre satin which is also referred to as Sateen

Vintage Style ruffled fringed rag finish which will dress up any home

This silky throw is perfect for the end of a bed or on any sofa couch for those cooler evenings

This piece is very stylish lending itself to any interior designed home to add class

This would also make a gorgeous baby blanket

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