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Shabby Chic Australia

Shabby Chic Australia

Layby Options

Take Advantage of our Layby Plan

We do require a 20% Down Payment of the Total Balance with Payment to be completed with 4 Weeks from the Date of Purchase.

If you do require an extension please email us and we will do our best to suit your needs!

We are here to assist our customers!

Return Policy

We now offer refunds or exchanges for items not removed from the package. Please contact us within 14 days for a refund authorization

Please do not request a return if you have removed the item from the package

We cannot re sell opened products and our items are shipped in clear packages. 

If you are considering a return, please don't open them

Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returned items

We cannot re sell items that have been pushed into the package or refolded which may have also attracted lint and hair 

Our  customers such as yourself expect to receive 1st Quality Brand New  Merchandise that is either for yourself or to be used as a Gift!